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Chilean dance group ‘Alma Cuequera de Curico’ and Hummer X Limousines ride in style in the Pink Limo

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Well known and respected folkloric dance group ‘Alma Cuequera de Curico’ were in Melbourne and Hummer X limousines had the pleasure of meeting them. Not only did we have the opportunity to get to know them personally, we also had the pleasure of enjoying their performances as we transported them to their destinations in style.

The Chilean community was impressive, as it was a big job to bring this amazing group to Australia to perform for us in Sydney and Melbourne, but it happened. Organisations like AMA (Australian Multicultural Alliance),Latin based groups, businesses and the many individuals who came together volunteering their time, products and services to ensure ‘Alma Cuequera de Curico’ had an amazing visit to Australia. One that they will never forget.

They performed at Kensington Town Hall and the Chilean Club of Melbourne just to name a few. Alma Cuequera De Curico were thrilled, and being able to ride in Hummer stretch limousines to their performances was a surprise that they never expected. We all had so much fun cruising them around our wonderful city and together our presence was definitely a highlight that will always be remembered, not only by us but by everyone involved.

Special thanks goes out to Bernardo Sanhueza, Eliana Yanina Aldunate, Claudia Montecinos, and the many other friends and family who encouraged us to be a part of this memorable occasion.

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