Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Limo Hire Agreed Price

The Agreed Price is the amount agreed upon between Hummer X Limousines as a company and the customer for the voyage. The hours, route, and other information of the voyage are specified on the Booking Confirmation. Any requests to adjust any of these details must be submitted at least one week prior to the date of travel, and we will make every effort to accommodate minor modifications to the customer’s requirements, subject to our capacity to do so.

Limo Hire Vehicle Supplied

We will endeavour to provide the vehicle requested by you. In the odd event that we are unable to do so, we have the right to supply a substitute vehicle of comparable kind and capacity. We can request a certain car colour for you, but we cannot guarantee it. If our vehicle is already booked or has mechanical issues, we retain the right to subcontract work to other firms who can provide you with a vehicle of similar kind and seating capacity. If you have any problems with your car or the service you receive from another firm, we urge that you contact them directly. Hummer X Limos are not liable for the services given by the business that delivered the vehicle.

Limo Hire Type

We have a wide range of options, any limo you hire, the inside of the car will be cleaned and replenished as necessary between these hires.

Limo Hire Payment

All reservations are confirmed with the payment of a non-refundable deposit. The balance owing is the amount owed less any deposits paid. The remaining balance is payable one week before the hiring date. Any exceptions to this policy will be included on the booking confirmation and will have been addressed at the time of booking.

Additional Limo Hire Charges
  • Overtime
    Our rental agreement specifies pick-up and drop-off locations. Following these timeframes is an essential component of our work. If these deadlines are not met, we may incur extra charges or risk disappointing other clients. As a result, we retain the right to assess additional charges if the client fails to adhere to the periods agreed upon between us. The overtime charges are usually in 15 min increments based on the agreed hourly rate plus a further administration fee will be automatically charged to the Hirers credit card if the Hirer has not paid the same to the Chauffer at the conclusion of the hire.
    All overtime expenses must be paid before the conclusion of the hiring. On the day of hire, we do not take checks or foreign money as payment. If payment of overtime costs is not possible on the day of hiring, the client acknowledges that the amounts will be charged to the credit or debit card used to make the booking deposit. Credit card payments incur a fee based on the transaction amount.
  • Damages
    We retain the right to charge the customer a minimum of $500 for any damage or soiling caused by you or members of your party to the limousine or any of its equipment. The minimum damage fee must be paid before the conclusion of the rental period. On the day of hire, we do not take checks or foreign money as payment. If payment of damage-related costs is not possible on the day of hiring, the client acknowledges that the amounts will be charged to the credit or debit card used to make the booking deposit. Credit card payments incur a fee based on the transaction amount. Where the cost of rectification or repair may, in the driver’s opinion, exceed $500, the minimum charge will be made using the manner indicated above, with an additional amount billed to the client to represent the expense of returning the vehicle to its prior condition. For all bookings, Hummer X Limousine requires a valid credit card number ahead to the hiring date as security for any damages. It includes inciting ANY THIRD PARTY to do harm to the vehicle or its contents.
  • Alcohol & Drug Consumption
    We do not provide alcohol, and drug usage is illegal. As a result, any property damage caused by drinking or drug use, such as broken glassware, must be paid for by Hummer X Limousines. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the vehicle and if there is flagrant indiscretion on the side of the customer, the driver has the authority to discontinue the service without return.
  • Underage Drinking
    Underage drinking is strictly prohibited, and if someone brings their own, Hummer X Limousines will not be held liable.
  • Unfortunate Injuries
    We are not liable for any unfortunate injuries sustained by passengers when boarding and/or exiting the vehicle, as well as during the travel or service time.
  • Cancellation Of Booking
    All Bookings Cancelled by the Customer will incur a FULL CANCELLATION FEE.
  • Airport Pickups
    We can assist you with timely service if you provide us with complete flight details. We will make every attempt to maintain track of arriving flight timings, but we will not be able to obtain reliable information until just before scheduled arrival times. If your return flight is running late, please call the Hummer X Limousine office at 0477 955 466 so that we may change our schedules and hire replacement drivers. While we will do everything necessary to accommodate delayed flight timings, we cannot be held liable if unexpected events prevent us from adapting. We have the right to charge extra costs for subsequent collections if we are appropriately informed of delays.
Vehicle Breakdown

We operate a large fleet of automobiles that are well maintained. In the unusual event of a breakdown or the automobile becoming inoperable, we will make every attempt to provide a backup vehicle as quickly as possible (for example, in the event of a collision). However, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused by a car breakdown or other similar unavailability.

Consumption Of Food

HIRER and the people along with host are not allowed to consume food unless there is a specific agreement with the company.

Grace Period

We make every effort to arrive at pick-up locations ahead of schedule. Occasionally, situations beyond our control (such as road congestion or inclement weather) force us to be late. In these circumstances, we will be deemed to be within the terms of the agreement if we arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled time. In such cases, and if reasonably practicable, we will attempt to adjust the agreed booking times to make up for the delay, for example, by adding a similar time at the end of the booking period.

The ‘Hummer X Limousines’ accepts all of the above-mentioned terms and conditions.
  • The company is not liable for any delays caused by inclement weather, road conditions, construction works, traffic, or any other factors without our control.
  • Stretched limousines are cars with restricted access. Chauffeurs maintain the right to deny entry to any event that might put the vehicle or its passengers in danger. The firm assumes no responsibility for limited access at any place and is not accountable for any delays that result from this. Unless otherwise specified by the hirer and approved by the employer. The chauffeur will decide which routes to take based on road traffic and weather conditions, whether the route is the shortest or not. The hirer will not be compensated since the route is not truly the shortest.
  • The law states that wearing fitting seat belts is required at all times, and all occupants must comply. The company’s chauffeur will be in a separate cabin, and the passengers will be unable to observe or regulate this obedience. Please do not ask the chauffeur for permission to not wear a seat belt. Any penalty incurred will be the individual’s responsibility.
  • The hirer agrees that the company has a strict NO SMOKING or VAPING policy in all of its cars, and that failing to follow this policy will result in the instant termination of the hire agreement with no reimbursement. The firm will not be held liable for the use or carriage of any illicit substance or item within the vehicle. Failure to comply with this condition will result in the termination of the hire agreement without return.

    Any customer who becomes physically unwell will be charged a minimum of $250 for valet service, which may include include detailing. In the case that this occurs, the firm maintains the right to levy any additional costs and to charge such charges to the hirer’s credit card unless paid in cash to the chauffeur at the time of rental.

    1. Requests For Bookings And Confirmations
      You may request a Booking from Us by email, filling out a form on our website, or calling us.
      Your Hummer will confirm Your Booking in writing through email within 24 hours of its receipt.
    2. Payment
      When you schedule a Hire Date, you must supply Us with your payment card information. b. You hereby authorise Us to debit any charges payable under these Terms and Conditions from your designated credit card without additional deduction or authorisation from You. b. For credit card payments, we will apply a 2% extra to the Total Booking Cost. d. You must pay a booking deposit of 30% of the total booking cost by credit card at the time of booking. e. We will collect the remaining amount of the Total Booking Cost 7 days before the Hire Date. f. If You make a Booking within 14 days of the Hire Date, You must pay the Total Booking Cost to Your Hummer in order to guarantee the Booking. g. Payment of the Booking Deposit or Total Booking Cost to Your Hummer signifies Your confirmation and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
    3. Changes Or Amendments To The Hire Period
      Any requests, modifications, or adjustments to a Booking made after it has been confirmed, including those made on the Hire Date, are subject to a $25.00 adjusted booking charge. b. The following occurrences constitute a Booking alteration or amendment: i. Modifications to the date or time of the Hire Period; ii. Modifications to the Vehicle utilised for the Hire Period; iii. Modifications to the pick-up and/or destination points or the duration of the Hire Period. During the Hire Period, there are changes to the time of destination drop-off.
    4. No Food
      Food consumption is strictly banned in the Vehicle unless a particular arrangement is established at the time of Booking and agreed upon in writing. b. You understand and agree that if food is consumed in the vehicle without your permission, Your Hummer retains the right to impose a $300.00 cleaning fee. 10. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED. a. Smoking is completely banned within the Vehicle for you and all third parties. a. If any person smokes inside the Vehicle, You will be charged $300.00 to clean the interior of the Vehicle, and the Hire Period will be terminated immediately, with no reimbursement of any portion of the Total Booking Cost.
  • Cleaning, Breakages, And Damages
    You agree to pay Us a $300.00 Cleaning Fee if You or any third party soil, stain, or contaminate the car, including, but not limited to, vomiting and spills of food or beverages. a. You agree to pay the following fees for the replacement of any of the following items supplied with the Vehicle if they are damaged, lost, or removed from the vehicle during the Hire Period: i. Glasses: $15.00 each
  • Accidents, Breakdowns, And Malfunctions In Vehicles
    You acknowledge that Your Hummer, its officers, employees, and affiliates are only acting as a booking agent for the owner or owners of the Vehicle, and You agree not to sue Your Hummer as a result of any act or failure to act by the owners of the Vehicles or their employees, agents, representatives, or subcontractors, including, but not limited to, any loss or expenses incurred by You if the Vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident during the Hire Period. b. If We are unable to deliver the service due to a traffic accident, mechanical breakdown, malfunctions, or circumstances beyond our control, such as severe weather or road closures, Your Hummer will try its best efforts to take You and Your passengers to Your destination. The manner of transportation will be entirely at Our choice. c. If a comparable or alternative Vehicle, or other arrangements for the Hire Period, cannot be obtained, You are entitled to a refund of the Total Booking Cost.
  • Underage Events Booking
    If We receive or accept a Booking for a debutante ball, school formal, children’s party, or other similar booking, You recognise and agree: i. You or any member of Your party may not consume any alcoholic beverages, regardless of whether You or any member of Your party is above the age of 18; ii. We retain the right to require an adult to accompany and ride in the Vehicle for the length of the Hire Period; iii. In the case of a breach of this Clause, we retain the right to immediately cancel the Hire Period, and the Total Booking Cost will be lost.
  • Lost Property Or Items Left Behind

    Your Hummer will not be liable for the loss of any personal property brought into the Vehicle during the Hire Period or left in the Vehicle after the Hire Period by You or any other person.

    1. Recognition And Indemnity
      You agree to indemnify Your Hummer and its officers, employees, affiliates, and representative agents for all claims, damages, losses, costs, and expenses incurred by You and/or any other member of Your party as a result of: i. any act or failure to act by the owners of the Vehicle or their employees, agents, representatives, or subcontractors, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions; and ii. any action or failure to act by You and/or any member of Your party d. You agree not to sue Your Hummer as a result of any action or omission to act by the Vehicles’ owners or their employees, agents, representatives, agents, or subcontractors.
  • Variation And Termination
    We may terminate this agreement at any time, but no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the Hire Date, and if We do, We will reimburse the Total Booking Fee to You and have no further responsibility under this agreement.