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Sweet Seventeen and Pretty in Pink Limo

Pink Big Limo

Elly’s mum and dad needed an answer to a question that plagues most parents.  The question was, how to give their teen daughter the best birthday party ever?? A celebration to remember, coupled with the wow factor Elly and her friends would never forget.  A celebration like no other.  Can you guess what they did?? They hired a pink stretch Hummer limousine and we were there to experience the atmosphere with them.

At last the moment had come.  When they got a glimpse of the pink limo, it was better than they ever imagined. Elly and her friends waited with baited breath as we arrived to pick them up.  They knew that the Hummer was due to arrive at any minute and they were super excited, ready and waiting.  They couldn’t wait to board the pink limo for their first ever Hummer party cruise.

Oh so shiny! A gorgeous vibrant pink, Elly’s favourite colour!! Elly and her friends eagerly hopped in and found their spots.  And they were off! With glasses in hand filled with chilled lemonade from the ice bar, they sang, danced and played their favourite tunes as we cruised Melbourne’s super cool Chapel St precinct and CBD. The atmosphere was vibrant and amazing and they felt like Hollywood super stars. We had so much fun helping Elly celebrate her 17th birthday party!

A big thank you goes out to Elly’s Mum and Dad for looking us up, the girls loved their experience and so did we!

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Stay cool! and Hummer good day!

Hummer X Limousines.

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